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A list of DARK STAR tracks that were released on various compilations.
Included are only exclusive and otherwise unreleased tracks.

For a more or less complete listing of DARK STAR tracks appearing
on cassette, vinyl and CD compilations have a look here on Discogs.


"Space Blues" by DARK STAR / RAMIREZ

Released 1990 on "The Perfect Day" (IT 033) C60 by Irre Tapes, Germany.

Ramirez is a Canadian musician who was living in Germany and Spain for many years. He collaborated on some very psychedelic studio sessions with Dark Star.
The legendary Irre Tapes, one of the longest running and most active tape labels earthwide at the time, is now unfortunately defunct. But other labels continue to distribute and / or rerelease some of their cassettes, including usually the "Best of Irre Tapes" series. So keep your eyes open if you're interested in this one, it might still be around somewhere!


"Industrial Ethiopia" by DARK STAR / RAMIREZ

Released on "It's T. Time Vol. 3" C60 by Black Death, Holland.


"Noise Works" by DARK STAR

Released 1991 on "Le Bruit Pour La Raison Qui S'Y Trouve" C60 by Ensemble Vide, France.

Ensemble Vide was a radio show on "La Vie Au Grand Hertz!" in Bordeaux, France at first, and later also a cassette (and vinyl) label, both run by Laurent Boyer.


"Desaster Area II" by DARK STAR

Released 1992 on "Creer Le Monde Ou Le Detruire" C60 by Ensemble Vide.



Released on "Silke Arp Bricht SXX Compilation" 2x12" by n.UR-Kult, Germany.

The track is basically an excerpt from "Belvedere" off the "Travelogue II" CD with additional vocals by German artist Bdolf.


This seems like the perfect place to pay respect to some
of the tape labels that supported DARK STAR in its early days:

Most of all my deep gratitude goes to
Artware Production from Wiesbaden in Germany.
It was run by Uwe Hamm-Fürhölter and the late Donna Klemm.
They were the very first people to encourage DARK STAR and help with
distributing its first cassette release. I'll forever be grateful to them for that.

Heartfelt thanks for their support also go out to,
in no particular order:

Ebu's Music / Carsten Olbrich (Germany)
Ensemble Vide / Laurent Boyer (France)
Old Europa Cafe / Rodolfo Protti (Italy)
Irre Tapes / Matthias Lang (Germany)
Music & Elsewhere / Mick Magic (UK)
Tecdance / Oliver Köhn (Germany)
Harald 'Sack' Ziegler (Germany)
Impulse / Mark Crumby (UK)
Lord Litter (Germany)
1001 TiLt / (Greece)

All of them true DIY pioneers!


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