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The third official CD by DARK STAR was released in december 2000 and is mostly a re-release of the "Travelogue" CD from 1994. The two last tracks of that original CD were left off though, instead you'll find four new tracks from a never released album, so about 30 minutes of new material in total.
Like some of the tracks on "Travelogue", these also feature various guest appearances, although not by musicians as well known as The Legendary Pink Dots. Then again - if you're German, your little sister or brother will probably have heard of Rodrigo González who plays bass in Germany's no. 1 punkpop band Die Ärzte - he contributed some cool samples and bass guitar to two of the tracks.

The front cover is by the late legendary French comic strip artist Jean Giraud AKA Moebius, and is one of very few occasions where he agreed on the use of one of his drawings by another artist.

This extended rerelease was made and distributed by Soleilmoon Recordings, notoriously active in the underground and industrial music scene and home for a lot of The Legendary Pink Dots' recordings amongst many fine others, but is now out of print.

But you can still buy the tracks online on bandcamp, as flac files in full lossless quality.


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