dark star

- tracks on compilations -


Here's a list of DARK STAR tracks that were released mostly on cassette compilations.
It contains only exclusive and otherwise unreleased tracks.
Most of these releases were probably deleted a long time ago...


"noise works" by DARK STAR on:
"Le bruit pour la raison qui s'y trouve" C60 on Ensemble Vide,
which is an independent radio station in Bordeaux, France.

"space blues" by DARK STAR / RAMIREZ on:
"The Perfect Day" (IT 033) C60 on Irre Tapes, Germany.
Ramirez is a Canadian musician now living in Spain.

"industrial ethiopia" by DARK STAR / RAMIREZ on:
"It's T.Time vol.3" C60 on Black Death, Holland.

"chainsaw" by CHAINSAW on:
"The Best of Irre Tapes vol. IV" C90 on Irre Tapes,Germany.
(Chainsaw is DARK STAR with Joe Gizmo (ex-Spudmonsters) and two other musicians from Cleveland, USA)
Irre Tapes, one of the longest running and most famous tape labels worldwide, is now unfortunately defunct.
But a lot of other tape labels continue to distribute some of their releases,
including usually the "Best of Irre Tapes" series. So keep your eyes open
if you're interested in this one, it might still be around somewhere!

"desaster area II" by DARK STAR on:
"Creer le monde ou le detruire" C60 on Ensemble Vide (again)

"belvedere" by DARK STAR on:
"Deserted Soundscapes" CD on 1000+1 TiLt, Greece

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